Tower cables:
Cut off two lengths of 8 conductor wire. These cables can be up to 25' long each (the towers cable should be about 8" longer than the sensor cable to stay even). Cat5 wire works great for this. This length plus the 10' USB cable will give you 35'. One cable will have a male DB9-2 sub connector attached (for the sensors) and the other cable will have a female DB9-1 connector attached (for the tower). Photo here. The colors showing on this diagram do not represent any coding, but just shows which pins are used. Another diagram to use when building your DB9 cables is here. Use caution when soldering Cat5 wire as to not apply so much heat that the insulation melts. Notice that I added a nut on the backside of the DB9 connector which isn't provided with the connector. Be careful to check all wire connections (remember at times you will be looking at the diagram in reverse). And again, remember to check the gender of the connector before soldering.

Start Switch:
Cut about 15 feet (depending on the length of your track and the length you used for the cat5 wire to the Tower) of two conductor wire (speaker or phone wire). Note: Remember if you used 25' of cat5 wire plus the 10' USB cable that you'll already be close to the starting gate). On one end attach the Roller Switch. Notice that you have a common (C), normally open (NO) and a normally closed (NC) terminal. Solder one wire to the common terminal. Depending upon your particular switch setup at the gate, connect and solder the other wire to the NO or NC terminal. Important: The MicroController expects a high (5 volts) when the starting gate is in the closed position. Some installations work better if the switch lever is depressed (NO) and others when the lever is non-compressed (NC). NC is probably the norm. You can always change this again later. Polarity or wire color is of no consequence. On the other end of the wire attach and solder the Phone Plug (banana jack). Again polarity doesn't matter. Note: if using phone wire, use little heat because the insulation melts easily. Verify you have no shorts